CIC Funding is a capital consulting company that assists our clients in procuring methods of raising capital to fund various types of commercial projects.

We provide financial analysis and underwriting to structure our clients' capital requirements to conform to current market realities then custom-design funding solutions that meet those requirements based on our deep understanding of our funding partners' capabilities and guidelines.  We utilize a combination of funding mechanisms including debt financing, equity financing, bond financing, and capital procurement, that when properly combined are usually able to fully fund a commercial project with many added benefits not typically available through traditional and conventional methods.

Our clients typically require capital to fund projects ranging from real estate acquisition and development, business expansion and M&A, technology development, and working capital.  Often we introduce additional components that enhance the viability of a project such as green energy, new technology, or strategic business partnerships that create additional value and mitigate risk to all involved parties.

CIC Funding's select network of funding partners includes conventional sources such as banks and pension funds, private sources including hedge funds, private equity groups, and private trusts, and alternative sources including international programs and platforms.


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